Moscow Ghosts Tour

During the three hours tour that will take you around the most mysterious sights of Russia’s capital you will experience a heartbreak and enigmatic atmosphere of “other” Moscow where borders between myths and realities are almost non-existent.
The ghost of False Dimitri on the tower wall and the nun’s curse that came true, the Moscow “Black Book” and the secret refuge of the warlock Jacob Bruce, mysterious burials in the Kremlin – these and many other mysterious things you will learn during our guided tour of Moscow’s magic sights.
The Moscow Ghosts Tour is based on historical facts, legends and tales. It was developed in cooperation with Moscow history experts and is based on unique historical records from Russian archives.

Tour optionsThe tour is available on a bus, minivan or vehicle from Amity Travel or on a client’s own transport.
Duration: 3 hrs.
Please note that tour tickets must be pre-booked.

Tour on customer’s vehicle 6 000 RUB
Bus tour 15 000 RUB
Minivan tour 10 000 RUB
Tour by car 8 400 RUB
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